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This week's update is a little different. First of all, this guy was nuts. After getting fired, he packs up as much of his office as he can and tries to sell the out dated junk to me. I'm talking the PC, the monitor, a company laptop, even a plant and the office cart. I told him I couldn't help him. Then he started yelling about getting fucked. Well that gave me an idea. I took him back to my office to make an offer on the laptop. He refused to shut up about being in a hurry and money. Half of what he said couldn't be understood through his thick Latin accent, but I made him a cheap cash offer, under the condition that he lets me help relax him. It didn't take much to turn a simple massage into an afternoon of hot gay sex. He was more than willing to let me suck his cock. Then, for the something different, I put his dick in my ass and rode him. He returned the favor by enthusiastically sucking my dick and even tossing my salad. He couldn't get enough of my asshole. He fucked me on my desk, and slammed my ass bent over the desk. After we came all over each other, I rushed him out in the usual way. I could have politely asked him to leave, or welcomed him to the team, but like I said, this guy was nuts. After all, I don't need flies wondering back to the web.

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