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Big Dicks - Small World: Episode 19


The guys have been out on the town and return home to Shane's place for a few more drinks but they're all feeling a bit frustrated at not pulling any talent. Out come the cards and they decide to play Strip Pontoon... but while Brez is in the toilet Luke finally tells his mates about what they've secretly been getting up to. Before Brez returns they agree to make the game a bit more interesting ;-)

When Shane let's on that they know what's been going between Luke and Brez it's all a little bit embarrassing... until Brez makes out it's no big deal. The game continues and at the last hand they raise the stakes - the losers have to give sexual favours to the victors! Not that anyone really minds who wins or loses just as long as they get to have some sex! And so with Luke beating Brez he finally gets his long awaited prize - he gets to fuck Brez :-)

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