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Shiloh makes Layton cum

It is so awesome to get a guy on the table who is ready to be rubbed and serviced all the way! Layton has the dirty boy vibe that Shiloh picked-up on right away. Shiloh loved rubbing on his hot muscles, and since he mostly prefers to top, he paid extra attention to Layton's bubbly muscle ass! And Layton sure was enjoying every moment of having his body, hole, and cock worshiped. I am hoping he is down for more, because you can clearly see this guy has got great sexual energy. Shiloh also worked like a dog to pull the nut out of Layton, who doesn't cum too often from a blow job. He said it was possible, but the girls really have to have the skill and energy to pull it off. Shiloh makes him cum, gobbling up all that sweet tasty cum!

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