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Ethan, Sage and Troi: TagTeam RAW

Ethan did such a great job in his TagTeam oral, that I knew he would love having two hung dudes to service fully by getting all his holes filled! Troi and Sage both have significantly large uncut cocks, so we spend a fair amount of time getting Ethan in the zone, eager and begging to have his ass penetrated. Ethan starts-off sucking both guys cocks, and even Troi and Sage get into some cock-sucking. I believe this is the first time Sage has actually sucked a cock. He stays hard while doing it, and to be honest, anytime the dude droops, he just needs a mouth on his cock. He seems to be very orally-oriented. The two guys lay down, and Ethan goes back and forth sucking both guy's cocks. He eventually manages to get both dicks in his mouth, and both Sage and Troi were impressed! That is a lot of meat in one mouth!

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