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Big Dick Otter Breeding

This scene was a total fluke. I was down at the Island House in Key West for an event and met this sexy ass otter. I eye fucked him the whole weekend then finally had enough balls the last day to pursue him. It's my first scene so it's a little rough, but definitely lots of hot fucking, sucking, and shenanigans. We were both really tanked so my apologies for all the slurring and sloppiness, unless you're into that kind of thing. My favorite part was when he told me to take the condom off and keep fucking him raw dog.

Watch this video at Deviant Otter - is a site serves quite a few niches including amateur, scruffy, bareback, hardcore, and furry. The star of this site is Devin Totter who was one of the Maverickmen's first models (Fratboy Bradley). For the past year Devin has been making a name for himself on Twitter and Tumblr and has really built up his fan base with his amateur style filming and hairy/scruffy scene partners.