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Canadian Cum Geiser

I thought I had met this Canadian stud through Vine, but apparently I met him my first time in Montreal a couple years ago...fed him my load in a dungeon somewhere on New Year's when I was blacked out haha. Either way, we stayed in touch so when I was back in Montreal we decided to meet up. The sex was really hot and he has a great big dick which was fun to suck, but the icing on the cake was the massive load he nutted all over me at the end.

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DeviantOtter.com - is a site serves quite a few niches including amateur, scruffy, bareback, hardcore, and furry. The star of this site is Devin Totter who was one of the Maverickmen's first models (Fratboy Bradley). For the past year Devin has been making a name for himself on Twitter and Tumblr and has really built up his fan base with his amateur style filming and hairy/scruffy scene partners.