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Using a Straight Guy

I met this trashy individual when I was helping shoot some scenes in Vegas and I could never stop staring at his monstrous cock. Coincidentally he only lives a state over and was looking for some work so I was happy to help out. Normally I don't go for gay-for-pay guys because they're usually terrible at gay sex, but after watching him fuck so many other dudes I had to know what it was like to have that large penis in all of my orifices. It's was the best feeling to know it was torture for him and pure ecstasy for me.

Watch this video at Deviant Otter - is a site serves quite a few niches including amateur, scruffy, bareback, hardcore, and furry. The star of this site is Devin Totter who was one of the Maverickmen's first models (Fratboy Bradley). For the past year Devin has been making a name for himself on Twitter and Tumblr and has really built up his fan base with his amateur style filming and hairy/scruffy scene partners.