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Deviant Otter - amateur bareback videos of hairy/scruffy partners

Mean Faced Fucker

For years I had an internet crush on this beautiful, tatted specimen and then one day put of nowhere the Maverick Men hit me up asking if I'd be down to do a scene with him, needless to say I pounced on that opportunity. I had such a blast getting roughed up by him the first time that I just had to get him back for a second round to let him use my hole again. Watching that mean face eat my asshole was a dream come true.

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DeviantOtter.com - is a site serves quite a few niches including amateur, scruffy, bareback, hardcore, and furry. The star of this site is Devin Totter who was one of the Maverickmen's first models (Fratboy Bradley). For the past year Devin has been making a name for himself on Twitter and Tumblr and has really built up his fan base with his amateur style filming and hairy/scruffy scene partners.