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At the Y.M.C.A.

I've always fantasied about servicing a guy in an abandoned building, and just a couple weeks ago that fantasy came true with the help of my buddy Xavier. Since we had only seen the old YMCA from the outside during the day we had no idea what condition the inside was in, or if there were any good places to film. While looking around we found a stairwell that was exposed to the street so he started to blow me there for a bit, but I was in serious need of plowing his ass so we kept searching for a more intimate spot. It didn't take long before we discovered a room behind what appeared to be the old locker rooms, but it was pitch black and we needed some extra light, so I called up my boyfriend for some reinforcement. The space was solid concrete so even the faintest moan would echo off the walls and envelop the entire room, every pant and slurp amplified traveling back through our bodies, it was incredibly erotic.

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