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Snow Day Blow Day

Who doesn't love a snow day? You get out of your daily obligations and get a full day free to do whatever (and sometimes whoever) you want! It just so happened that this sexy otter, Hunter, who I met at MAL this year, was staying at a mutual buddy's place in Boston and got stuck because of the shitty weather. I had fucked him real quick at MAL this year, but was in serious need of a second round with a little less time constraints so I told him to come over and kill some time. So just as I'm coordinating this with Hunter, my wicked hot neighbor told me he was working from home and wanted to play. I told him that I was planning on a shooting a vid so I couldn't, but he told me he would be down to film and join in if I didn't show his face. I didn't really know what to expect, but damn can people really surprise you sometimes! So thank you Boston weather for the extra dick this week.

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