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Just Hanging 2

Apparently there is the idea floating around out there that if a guy sucks your dick, you are still straight. The same seems to apply to fucking. If you are the one fucking the guy, then your still straight. If thats what I need a straight guy to think in order for him to get with a dude, FINE. Whatever you say buddy. YOU ARE STRAIGHT. So these drunken guys get back from the bar where apparently they did not hooked up with anybody. Spring break is coming up shortly and everyone is broke. Still toasted, they are back at the room where the guy who seems to be the alpha male gets an an idea. He decides to convince his buddy, the poor, unsuspecting roommate, Jake, to call over a kid they know that is gay, and have him suck them off on camera, and sell it to us for 10,000 dollars.

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