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Straight Rugby Stud Oli Lennox and Jack Montague

Video description

Oli Lennox is back to experiment a little, and for the video we've paired him with Jack Montague. Both are really good looking lads, Oli is a muscular and broad shouldered, blond hair and a few tattoos on his musculed upper body, Jack is leaner but very good looking. Oli lays down with his shirt off to start getting a massage from Jack, the oil goes on his back and legs, and soon on his naked bum too - and gets rubbed in! Oli is already hard and flips over, Jack takes off his clothes and gets wanked by Oli, his very thick meaty cock solid in his hands. Both lads wank next to each other even grabbing each other's uncut cocks and wanking them, then press each other's cocks against each other.

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