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Young Straight Lad Jaxon North Pumps with Dildo

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Jaxon North was willing to push his boundaries but didn't want to shoot with another guy, so we decided to get out some toys for him to play with! He's a very attractive guy - flirty, handsome and well built - this straight lad is pretty damn sexy. He plays with his cock a bit in his trousers, before getting it out, already with a semi - his dick is thick and meaty, he strips off and lays back on a towel and pulls back his legs, showing off his smooth hole. He lubes up a finger and plays with his hole, sliding it in while staying rock hard, then he lubes up a dildo and slowly pushes it in, gently pulsing it and I think he likes how it feels. He pushes it deep in, and wanks at the same time until he unloads a thick load over his muscly abs.

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