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Straight Hunter Shoves a Dildo up his Bum


Hunter is a handsome young lad, a cheeky, friendly face, and a great body - smooth with a couple of tattoos on his arms, he has great definition in his abs and chest, and blonde hair. His real talent is shown when his boxers get pulled down - his long uncut cock hangs beautifully and temptingly - already semi by the time it is shown, this lad clearly appreciates some attention! With just a bit of wanking he is solid, his cock chunky and rock hard in his hand. He needs little encouragement to lube up his bum and start playing with his hole with his fingers, then grabbing a dildo and slowly sliding it deep in as far as it will go. He stays solid while its deep in, and when he cums, its intense - he splatters himself with it and gives in to the pleasure!

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