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Str8 Footballer Jack Show his Massive Cock


Young Footballer Jack is back and this time he gives you what you all asked for; hole and lots of hole he shows it off real good in this shoot and thank you Jack for giving up what you didn't want to! After rising to fame over the last few years for his antics on social media Jack loves entertaining people by fooling around naked and as you can see on camera he is very laid back and cheeky. One of these models who just looks great in his clothes and fantastic out of them, the added bonus of course is that wonderful 8 inches of uncut cock can be seen and when Jack is hard the monster stands straight up to the sky. This is one horny lad who seems to have a permanent semi or could he just be hung! Well done Jack, I hope you keep saying yes to our ideas! We love straight footballers with huge cocks.

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