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Straight Muscular Casey Fucks Chris Hard


Casey and Chris are a great combination - Casey is looking so hot today, his ultra-ripped body is muscular and tense and cheeky Chris plays around with him, and soon gets him to undress, tasting his body and in no time is diving into Casey's underwear - sucking him to get him hard before getting their hard cocks rubbing together. It's a quick learning curve for Casey, but both lads are enjoying it, cocks rock solid. Chris bends over and Casey gets one of the dildos out and lubes it up, sliding it deep into Chris - Chris loves this sort of play, and is obviously keen to get Casey inside him - Casey slides in and fucks him hard, so hard that Chris unexpectedly shoots a first load, but is keen to carry on and get a further pounding, which Casey does and makes Chris shoot a second equally massive load, before Casey empties his balls on to Chris - cum everywhere!

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