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Party Foul

Six of the guys are hanging around the house, drinking beer and toking. Sebastian grabs a funnel and they load him up with beer. When Sebastian crashes on the couch, the guys grab some markers and draw a dick on his forehead and breasts on his chest, they even paint his lips red. Then they spray whipped cream onto his hand and start tickling his face. Splat! Sebastian wakes up and heís pissed. After chasing Jackson around, the two end up wrestling on the couch where Jackson starts forcing his huge cock into Sebastian's mouth. The guys pin Sebastian on the couch and Dayton writes, 'Fuck My Mussy' across his butt. So Jackson plunges his huge cock into Sebastianís hole and fucks him hard. And everybody joins in. If a guy isnít fucking Sebastian's ass or mouth, then he's holding him down so the others can. After everyone's had their fill of his butt, Sebastian lies back on the couch, and one by one, the guys splatter their jizz all over him. Now that's a frat party!

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