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The Return of Aden

Look who came back for more! You may recognize this tall hung lean giggling goofy sexy boy from our NYC Virgin Cherry Pop video. Yes, our #1 fan Aden! When we first met him close to two years ago on a trip to NYC we got together at our hotel and right away he wanted to give us the ultimate fan gift: his VIRGIN CHERRY ASS! And yes, you guessed it, Hunter and I were only too happy to help him out. If you have seen that original video in our theater, I highly recommend checking it out. But in any case, now Aden is back for round two. This video, shot last summer, has a totally different vibe from the first one in that Aden was pretty shy (typical virgin), but in this second vid he is experienced and very hungry for our cocks. This guy could have cum ten times if we wanted him to; he is a real cum-generating machine. On the first day of his visit, we wanted to show him around Boston and see the sights but whenever we stopped to look at stuff he would say. I wanna get fucked? This kid was such a horn ball that we had to feed him some cock while we were walking around outside. We even ate some ass right out in public! I got some pretty hot footage in a near by park, but the real action started when we got him back home and fucked the living hell out of him. We smashed his ass so hard and so long that when he finally did cum it was all over the fucking place with a big hot sticky creamy gushing cum shot. I ALMOST put it in the teaser, but ya can't blow your wad right away now can you? Let us know what you think and show this boy some Maverick Fan love!

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