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Never Before Seen Billy

Yes! This is a VERY special video because it's a never-before-seen Billy video, and we know how much you guys drool over our Billy boy. It's even more special since Billy has been retired from doing MaverickMen videos for close to two years now. Yes, yes we know; you love him, but honestly he has moved on to other things in life. He is doing very with his school, work and life, but yes he has hung up his hot little jock strap for good. So send him some love here under this post to tell him how much you all love and miss him. FYI: This is one of three very rare, never-before-seen videos staring our hot boy Billy. So savor it because there are only two more Billy videos left in the MaverickMen.com vault. The other two will come out soon enough but ONLY when you guys let us know you want to see more Billy stuff. In the meantime, enjoy this SICK HOT, aggressive, dirty-talking, cum-splashing, feet-sniffing, tickle-tourturing, boy-butt fucking, dick-stroke sexfest of a video!

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