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We met Andrew last year at a house party and he was super sweet and polite and has the most beautiful big blue eyes and adorable smile. Hunter and I wanted to eat him the fuck UP right there. He said he was a big fan and would love to be in a video with us. After a short chat, we found out that he had done a few porn videos before. This could not have been more perfect. We hung out for a while and made a connection and we kept in touch with Andrew for over a year. We reconnected in Florida to finally shoot that vid and man-o-man did we have a good time. I have to be honest; during the first part of this video we were all pretty buzzed, and as such, Hunter and I were a BIT rough on the poor boy. We eventually all passed out and continued it the next day. We knew we REALLY liked Andrew when the next morning he asked for more of the same.

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