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Fuck Me in the Back Seat


This is the first of three videos we did with sexy, Caleb. We took him on vacation with us where we rented a house with a pool and it was a blast. But, we quickly discovered that Caleb LOVES to have sex in unusual places like cars, by the pool, and outside where you could possibly get caught. Naturally, we had to fulfill his fantasies. We agreed to get in our car and drive out to meet up with Caleb after he took a long sweaty run while wearing a jock strap. When we picked up Caleb he was already hard and jumped right in the car and started sucking our cocks. We drove around and found a spot up in the hills to park and fuck. And fuck is what we did; we fucked him in the front seat, the back seat, and even the on hood of the car. We nailed his sweet hairy soccer butt so deep and so hard in every position and then we took him back to the house and fucked again.

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