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Wake Up Big Daddy!

Here is a MaverickMen.com classic of just me and my boy, Hunter. It's one of the very first videos we ever made together. I re-edited it to it's full original version for you guys. I love this video so much! I had just gotten home from a LONG day at work and I was too beat to get out of my work clothes, so I collapsed in my bed. Hunter and I had just moved in together and up until then I was just used to coming home and crashing for a quick nap after work (I was still a wielder then). Hunter, as usual, was all horned up so he snuck in and unzipped my pants and started slurping on my cock. I was half awake but quickly woke up to some serious head that led to Hunter riding my cock till I gave his hole a big ol' cream pie. This vid is short at only fifteen or so minutes, but it's insanely HOT HOT. But don't worry; you'll have plenty of time to stroke a big load out, lol! We love you horn dawgs and we always love hearing from you so let us know what you think of these classics with just the two of us and maybe we will add a few more.

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