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Tears of Cum

Sexy banana-cocked Ren and his super elastic, bubble-plastic butthole is back for more! We invited Ren along with us on our last trip to Miami and while there we met up with our bud, Jordan. Ren soon confessed to us that he would LOVE to have Jordan use and abuse him. Ren can really dish it out but even better; he can REALLY take it. We told Jordan that he could do anything he wanted to Ren and man did he ever. I couldn't believe how loud Ren was with Jordan ramming his eight-inch uncut power tool up his lilly-white ass. Ren moaned and squealed so loud that Jordan had to use both hands to cover-up his mouth so he could concentrate on pounding him out. This is a hot one, especially if you like to see guys deep kiss and eat ass.

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