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On The Hunt

Blaze fucks Ricky

Blaze and Ricky are both mild mannered guys when they're interviewed, but as soon as their clothes come off and their dicks get hard, they turn into fuck machines! After making out and rubbing their naked ripped bodies together, Ricky leans down and swallows Blaze's manstick whole.

Ricky worships his cock, getting on all fours, so the camera can take a look at his hungry hole. Blaze turns Ricky sideways, lifts his leg up, and slowly stuffs his hard cock in that eager tight ass. They change up their fuck positions, but with one thing constant, Ricky keeps begging for more of Blaze's big dick! When Blaze can't take it anymore, he pulls out and shoots his load on Ricky's face, while Ricky jerks off on his stomach.

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