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Kurt and Deacon: Bareback Breeding

Video description

Beefy Deacon and tall, fit Kurt definitely have a little chemistry on top of their good looks. Deacon’s cute! He’s definitely got a nice body, - says Kurt, while grabbing on his nipple. Yeah, I do work on that quite a bit, - says Deacon blushing. I can tell! - replies Kurt. So, this is your first time with a scene partner right? How are you feeling about that? Think it’s gonna be easy? - questions Deacon. I’m pretty excited, but I don’t know what to expect. Should be fun, - answers Kurt. So, are you more of a top or bottom? - asks Deacon. I’m a bottom usually, but I do whatever, - states Kurt. I love doing both, so maybe we can experiment both ways, - suggests Deacon. Alright, sounds good! - affirms Kurt.

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