Sean Cody - bareback sex of amateur muscular men

Archie and Brayden: Bareback Sex

Video description

Buff hunk Brayden and muscular, boyish Archie take a minute to admire each other’s hard bodies before going off to play. I definitely like muscle, and you have plenty of muscle on you. Hair is way hot too! - says Brayden, as he feels Archie’s chest and abs. Damn, you’ve got those things too! I’d say we have some good qualities that we share together, - replies brown-haired Archie. Sexually, I like to be dominated, - says Brayden. You like to be dominated? That’s surprising for a guy as muscular as you are, but that’s what I like doing, - responds Archie. Awesome! - exclaims Brayden. So I guess we’ll be sexually compatible, but there’s only one way to find out for sure, - says Archie.

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