Sean Cody - bareback sex of amateur muscular men

Landon and Angelo: Bareback Sex

Video description

Dark-skinned, muscular Landon and tall, slender Angelo are meeting for the first time, and they’re both pretty excited. I get to meet Landon for the first time. You’re totally one of my ideal guys! You got all these hot esthetics; chest muscles, shoulders, and this jock look. You are just built all over - says Angelo. Good-looking Landon can’t help but to blush. Can I see your dick? - asks brown-haired Angelo. Yeah, that’s what we’re here for. Go for it! - exclaims Landon. That thing is going to be huge! - says Angelo. It’s a grower - giggles Landon. It’s going to fuck me up for sure, but in a good way! I am going to like it! - says Angelo confidently.

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